‘Not of This World’: commissioned poem by Lauri Walker

Posted on Wednesday 31st July, 2013

Not of this World, commissioned poem by Lauri WalkerNot of this world

I am atomic

even while resting

my inner space is supersonic.

This beautiful organism

can only rest for so long

this heart beats for a reason,

I was designed to perform.

These veins channel pure energy


like white light

transformed through a prism

I only await the spark.


I move in pure air

heated and risen

fanned by my lungs

inflamed by my thighs

every heated degree

sees me rise

another pace,

a glance back sees the space I’ve covered is phenomenal

my desire is my only ordinal

every sinew’s elastic is tested

every tendon flexes

and extended

my rise through the ether.


Icarus got it wrong

he flew too high trying to touch his god

couldn’t hear the divine in his run up

as his feet pounded a holy song on the face of this earth

didn’t realise his wings were beneath him.


My wing tips barely grace the ground,

at this pace I’m more space than solid matter

my legs stride air aware only of the speed of my sound

brain off brakes off

with every bound

I let myself go

to momentum.

Icarus fell cos he used the wrong feathers

my wings

are held up by heather

nature herself wants to see me soar

she is part of me

and we both want more,

inflaming my lungs

my chest straining

to contain my heart beat

like wind through the grass

I glide

exhaling I confide

that life runs beside me.

Downhill but not a fall

life’s only a conquest

when I embrace it all.


Lauri Walker is a Scot and a runner working in Mexico with grand agricultural dreams. Sometimes people call him a poet when he puts pen to paper. That makes him happy too. www.vainamoinen.org

Not of this world was commissioned to accompany An Equilibrium Not of This World presented at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2013.  It features alongside a commissioned text by Jane Connarty in the exhibition pamphlet which can be downloaded here as a PDF.