Urban Ornithology

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Spec & Synopsis

Date: 2005

Medium: Artist Book

Urban Ornithology is an empirical, personal study of the interaction between a number of men in the Historic Centre of Mexico City and one female foreigner.

The artist walked the streets armed with an audio recorder and a secret pen camera with which she recorded the wolf whistles and cat calls aimed in her direction.  Through this process she was able to reclaim power within this dynamic and turn the observers into the observed.

[audio:http://www.katriwalker.com/krapas78/wp-content/uploads/2005/05/06-chiflidos.mp3|titles=Chiflidos (Wolf-whistles)] [audio:http://www.katriwalker.com/krapas78/wp-content/uploads/2005/05/08-chiflido-y-mira-güerita-tas-bien-rica.mp3|titles=Chiflido y Mira güerita tas bien rica (wolf-whistle & Look at the blondey, you’re tasty)] [audio:http://www.katriwalker.com/krapas78/wp-content/uploads/2005/05/10-que-preciosa-mira-nada.mp3|titles=Que preciosa mira nada massss (Lovely, I’m just looking)]