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Sewing the seeds

Sewing the Seeds

Just before Christmas I took a bunch of the photos and the video I’d taken during the Day of the Dead celebrations in Teocalcingo back to the village and set up a wee show in the church (which is a … Read more »

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Blood and Sand

Diego Ventura

I never thought I’d attend a Corrida de Toros (bullfight) as I’ve never had much of a stomach for violence and don’t by any means support animal cruelty but… a good friend, Emilio Mendez who founded Suerte MatadorRead more »

Day of the Dead in Teocalcingo

Dia de los Muertos en Teocalcingo

Doña Julia with her ofrenda

A few days ago I made a wee trip back to the village in the Estado de México where I filmed Aguamiel to take some pictures and video of their Día de los Muertos celebrations … Read more »

La Guerrera @ The Morelia Film Festival, Mexico

La Guerrera @ The Morelia Film Festival, Mexico

My great pal Paulina del Paso‘s first feature length documentary La Guerrera was in competition at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia so I went along to cheer for her…   It’s a fantastic film, so sensitively and devotedly … Read more »

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Magic moves in Coyoacán

Magic moves in Coyoacan

Coyoacán, in the south of Mexico City, is a perfect Sunday afternoon destination.  After indulging in one of my favourite breakfasts of all time, chilaquiles, I took a wander over to Calle Londres 247 to visit Frida Kahlo’s Read more »

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Presunto Culpable

Presunto Culpable

I saw this documentary twice last year, the first time I happened to catch it on TV having heard nothing about it and the second time was as part of Document 8 in Glasgow. Both times I was overwhelmed by … Read more »